Monday, November 05, 2007

Miami Pastor's Conference

The countdown has begun. Our Lord willing in about three days the 2007 Miami Pastor’s Conference will begin with a pre-conference workshop on making the case for Reformed Theology among African-Americans. From there the conference will attempt to address one of the most (if not the most) important questions of our time, namely: What Is The Gospel?

I’m sure you know by now that it’s my conviction that this conference, the movement it’s apart of and the theme it seeks to address are critical to the resurrection of blackness in God’s image and for His glory. Black will be neither beautiful or meaningful until and unless we recognize that the purpose of our particular history, struggle, culture and people is to love, delight in, serve, worship, obey and follow the living God through the Person of Jesus Christ. It is only in Christ and Christ alone that we’ll discover our significance, dignity, identity, reason for being, satisfaction, security, destiny and authentic hope.

The Miami Pastor’s Conference will also serve as the coming out party of the Council of Reforming Churches. CRC is a group of pastors and churches that have banded together to see biblically reformed theology planted, take root in and eventually flourish within the black church and black community. Our hope is to raise a network of individuals and churches that will work together to see reformed theology impact our people and community. CRC is not limited to just black people. However just as Paul had a great yearning to see his own people come to embrace the richness of Jesus Christ so we desire to see our brothers after the flesh come to understand, know, embrace and delight in the living God. We therefore invite and encourage anyone regardless of ethnicity to work along with us to pursue our core goals.
You can begin by going to the CRC website looking up the member churches and begin to pray for them. Pray that the Lord will strengthen these congregations through the power of His Spirit so that they will godly impact for truth upon those they seek to serve. Pray for their pastors that they would continue to be men of integrity who preach the word faithfully, pastor God’s people wisely, devote themselves to loving their wives and children and seek to spread the gospel of God’s grace in their communities.

Finally, please pray for the conference. Pray that the Lord will enrich us with His word and through our mutual fellowship. Pray that relationships will form that press for the renewal and resurrection of God’s people within the black church and community. Pray that our Lord will use the conference to continue His work and bring reformation to our people for His own praise and glory.

For Christ, His Church and the Truth
Pastor Lance

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