Sunday, December 28, 2008


We almost had it.

The CPKings were on our way to our rightful championship when the low down dirty, dasterdly Dallas Cowboys once again proved why my disdain for them is not only well-founded but indeed everlasting.

Here's how it went down. Last week the Ravens and the Pokes were in a tight game when Not So Fast Willie McGahee ran straight up the middle for seventy something yards and a TD. The good news is that my worthy opponent started Leroy 'Die Hard' Mclain who up to that point had about 50 yards and a fumble.

The Pokes came back and scored and after the ensuing kickoff the Ravens had the ball on their 18 yard line. One would think that Dallas would decide not to run the same defense that just burned them a few plays earlier. WRONG!!!
The first play from scrimmage brother Leroy hits the hole, brushes off a couple sorry excuses for a tackle and rumbles 82 yards for a score. In one play with about a minute left Mcclain went from 3 to 19 points.

But I still had a chance. That was the Saturday night game and I still had Daring Drew, San and An Holmes and the Pittsburgh D. Unfortunately the Steelmen laid the biggest egg of their season garnering a grand total of 1 point.

On the other side my opponents D totaled 20 and thus the Pots dream season was over with a 9 point loss.

Well, them's the breaks. We had a fun season and I'm already scheming for next year. Don't worry loyal Pots fans we will be back. Until next season....

Go Pots


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One Down, One To Go.

THAT WAS CLOSE. The Pots eeeked and I do mean eeked out a crucial playoff win yesterday.

I made some bad calls (including picking up and starting Devin Hester and not following my gut on John Kasey) Thankfully the Lions are intent on redefining the word 'aweful'. D. Rhodes picked up over 80 yards and two scores and that was just enough to give me a four point lead going into Monday night.

Having played my hand I had to wait until my opponents last player, L.J. Smith did his thing on national t.v. Once in a great while L.J. plays like an elite TE grabs a bunch of balls and a score. But for the most part he stays quietly out of the way of the big boys and lets the grown-ups play the game. That's the L.J. I needed last night. Funny thing is I was talking to brother Bishop earlier that day and told him I needed the typical L.J. performance of 1 catch and 12 yards. So while brother Polycarp was exalting in a Birds victory I was on pins and needles hoping against hope that L.J. wouldn't suddenly morph into Super TE.

And boy did my man deliver. D Mac connected on 26 passes for 290 yards with L.J. collecting a grand total of 1 for 13 yards and most importantly no score thus preserving our slim 4 point victory.

So the Pots are in the championship, but more on that later.

Go Pots

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Mega who?

Megatron? Megatron? Who needs Megatron when you've got Antonio (Comeback Kid) Bryant.
Since the game didn't matter I wasn't going to bother telling you that the Pots went into Monday night's contest down 15 points with one player left in our quiver. I figured that even if A.B. had a good game (80 yds and a score) we'd still wind up a few points short, but it didn't matter since we already locked up the number 1 seed. But then A.B. had to put the BOOM SHAKA-LAKA on the Panthers doing a better Megatron imitation than the Meg man himself.
200 yards and two scores later A.B. pulled the Pots to our 12th victory.

On another note check out the stats and highlights of the Panther run game. I think they had over three hundred yards rushing and four rushing TD's. That's insane. And take it from a retired Madden guru that's hard to do even on Playstation. I mean the Bucs were supposed to have one of the better run D's in the league. In case you're wondering check out the schedule to see who they play on week 16 which is our championship week.

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas.

Go Pots


Monday, December 08, 2008

Go Time!

Well, dudes and dudettes it's go time. Our reg season ended yesterday and now the team built for the championship enters the playoff dance with high hopes of lifting the golden crockpot in victorious jubiliation.

And as usual I need your help. My gut says 'lance don't be a complete dufus, play L.T. against the Chef's'. My guile says 'lance this is fun, cast those lots and play Dominic Rhodes against the kittens at home'.

To give some perspective here's the rest of the lineup:

QB - Daring Drew Brees. With still something to play for I'm hoping he lights up a Bears team that sports an average pass D.

Wideouts: Little Stevie B, (emerging as a prime target for 21st century version of the greatest show on turf and facing the Vikes who just gave up 220 and a score to D Culpeper) Antonio Bryant, (number one choice for TB and facing the ATL) Jericho C, (Bills at home) not sold on Jericho since I don't know how Brett could throw 31 times and connect with him just once. But the Bills are banged up and virtually out of it and my backups are D Mase (Steelers at home) and Santonio Holmes (at Ravens).

RB's: Flash (at Texans nuff said).
L.T. Will he or won't he show up? Will he be the L.T. of old and drop a buck sixty in total yards with 2 TD's? Or will he spew and sputter to 80 yards with no scores?

What's up with Smash and Slash? Lynch seems hurt and I don't trust him against the Jets. Slash goes up against a good Titans D.

On the other hand (there's always another hand) there's Mr. Rhodes who faces a truly sorry Lions D at home. With Joseph Addai hurt he could have a big game especially if the Ponies build a big lead and then lean on the run to close out things.

So what think ye? Do I stick with L.T. who might deliver a dud or hope the road to victory runs through Mr. Rhodes?

Go Pots

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Fantasy Style)

Yo ya'll what's up?

Other stuff has kept me away from the blogosphere and due to a class I'm teaching and some other things the blogging will probably remain light throughout the rest of this year.

I'm sure however you're wondering how your favorite blogoshere fantasy football team is doing so I decided to drop a quick update.

The good: The Pots are squarely in the playoffs as the number 1 seed and coming off a big win in which we put up 117 points. Daring Drew wasn't spectacular but good enough to offset a good game by Eli (who needs Plax) Manning. And he gets the kittens in our championship round. All three receivers we played (Little Stevie B, D Mase, and Antonio B) all put up good numbers and a score.

And what can we say about Flash. Torched the kittins for a buck twenty and two scores on turkey day.

As if we didn't know it already them cats from the left side of the Keystone state can really play some D.

The Bad: We still have TE issues. Hopefully Kevin (E Street Band) Boss can keep grabbing at least one score per game going down the stretch.

The Ugly: L.T. 14 carries for 24 yards. L.T. could be the sin that does the Pots in.

The Hope: Looks like Slash and Smash have got their groove back. Slash carved up a disinterested Jags squad and with Ahman (Advil man) Green out again he's now Da Man in Houston. As it stands if we do reach the championship game Smash gets to batter Denver and Slash gets to slice up the Silver and Black.

Go Pots