Monday, December 08, 2008

Go Time!

Well, dudes and dudettes it's go time. Our reg season ended yesterday and now the team built for the championship enters the playoff dance with high hopes of lifting the golden crockpot in victorious jubiliation.

And as usual I need your help. My gut says 'lance don't be a complete dufus, play L.T. against the Chef's'. My guile says 'lance this is fun, cast those lots and play Dominic Rhodes against the kittens at home'.

To give some perspective here's the rest of the lineup:

QB - Daring Drew Brees. With still something to play for I'm hoping he lights up a Bears team that sports an average pass D.

Wideouts: Little Stevie B, (emerging as a prime target for 21st century version of the greatest show on turf and facing the Vikes who just gave up 220 and a score to D Culpeper) Antonio Bryant, (number one choice for TB and facing the ATL) Jericho C, (Bills at home) not sold on Jericho since I don't know how Brett could throw 31 times and connect with him just once. But the Bills are banged up and virtually out of it and my backups are D Mase (Steelers at home) and Santonio Holmes (at Ravens).

RB's: Flash (at Texans nuff said).
L.T. Will he or won't he show up? Will he be the L.T. of old and drop a buck sixty in total yards with 2 TD's? Or will he spew and sputter to 80 yards with no scores?

What's up with Smash and Slash? Lynch seems hurt and I don't trust him against the Jets. Slash goes up against a good Titans D.

On the other hand (there's always another hand) there's Mr. Rhodes who faces a truly sorry Lions D at home. With Joseph Addai hurt he could have a big game especially if the Ponies build a big lead and then lean on the run to close out things.

So what think ye? Do I stick with L.T. who might deliver a dud or hope the road to victory runs through Mr. Rhodes?

Go Pots

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