Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Fantasy Style)

Yo ya'll what's up?

Other stuff has kept me away from the blogosphere and due to a class I'm teaching and some other things the blogging will probably remain light throughout the rest of this year.

I'm sure however you're wondering how your favorite blogoshere fantasy football team is doing so I decided to drop a quick update.

The good: The Pots are squarely in the playoffs as the number 1 seed and coming off a big win in which we put up 117 points. Daring Drew wasn't spectacular but good enough to offset a good game by Eli (who needs Plax) Manning. And he gets the kittens in our championship round. All three receivers we played (Little Stevie B, D Mase, and Antonio B) all put up good numbers and a score.

And what can we say about Flash. Torched the kittins for a buck twenty and two scores on turkey day.

As if we didn't know it already them cats from the left side of the Keystone state can really play some D.

The Bad: We still have TE issues. Hopefully Kevin (E Street Band) Boss can keep grabbing at least one score per game going down the stretch.

The Ugly: L.T. 14 carries for 24 yards. L.T. could be the sin that does the Pots in.

The Hope: Looks like Slash and Smash have got their groove back. Slash carved up a disinterested Jags squad and with Ahman (Advil man) Green out again he's now Da Man in Houston. As it stands if we do reach the championship game Smash gets to batter Denver and Slash gets to slice up the Silver and Black.

Go Pots



Anonymous said...

This is the best entry so far on Fantasy. lol. Don't worry on LT- he will feast at least two more times with next oponents for what maybe his last hooray: The "Bandits", The Chiefs-A Cure for struggling offense, and "Defenseless" Denver. Although LT will not be helping in the playoffs(playoffs! Playoffs? Chargers will home, while Turner will be collecting unemployment, until he unexplicably gets another Head coaching position).

But then again, maybe the IRREVERSIBLE decline has already occurred. LT has to take of previous victims: Shaun (Touchdown) Alexander, Eddie (the punisher) George, Jamal (cuffs) Lewis, and now Larry Johnson (though I could be wrong in his case) - All these Running backs that previously carried their team's offense for long periods, but then "ran" over the cliff, and suddenly took a huge, sudden dive, ...Giants in teh beginning, but downright...pitiful at the end. YOu almost begin to feel sorry for them. Ah, the brutal punishments a RB faces.

If I'm a fatasy owner, I would pick up any & all the WR, RB, CB, and QB off the waivers that are facing the kittins for that week. I would bet you would win on that alone. lol. Cant' remember team looking more lost than these kittins.

that "D" killed my punchless PATS this week.

Go BIRDS: Fly at those G-MEN, who like to give self-inflicting wounds.
Sorry Butch, had to take that shot.


Anonymous said...

btw, I saw that Nick Bakay stole your reference to "Playoffs!!!Playoffs".