Sunday, December 28, 2008


We almost had it.

The CPKings were on our way to our rightful championship when the low down dirty, dasterdly Dallas Cowboys once again proved why my disdain for them is not only well-founded but indeed everlasting.

Here's how it went down. Last week the Ravens and the Pokes were in a tight game when Not So Fast Willie McGahee ran straight up the middle for seventy something yards and a TD. The good news is that my worthy opponent started Leroy 'Die Hard' Mclain who up to that point had about 50 yards and a fumble.

The Pokes came back and scored and after the ensuing kickoff the Ravens had the ball on their 18 yard line. One would think that Dallas would decide not to run the same defense that just burned them a few plays earlier. WRONG!!!
The first play from scrimmage brother Leroy hits the hole, brushes off a couple sorry excuses for a tackle and rumbles 82 yards for a score. In one play with about a minute left Mcclain went from 3 to 19 points.

But I still had a chance. That was the Saturday night game and I still had Daring Drew, San and An Holmes and the Pittsburgh D. Unfortunately the Steelmen laid the biggest egg of their season garnering a grand total of 1 point.

On the other side my opponents D totaled 20 and thus the Pots dream season was over with a 9 point loss.

Well, them's the breaks. We had a fun season and I'm already scheming for next year. Don't worry loyal Pots fans we will be back. Until next season....

Go Pots


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