Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Mega who?

Megatron? Megatron? Who needs Megatron when you've got Antonio (Comeback Kid) Bryant.
Since the game didn't matter I wasn't going to bother telling you that the Pots went into Monday night's contest down 15 points with one player left in our quiver. I figured that even if A.B. had a good game (80 yds and a score) we'd still wind up a few points short, but it didn't matter since we already locked up the number 1 seed. But then A.B. had to put the BOOM SHAKA-LAKA on the Panthers doing a better Megatron imitation than the Meg man himself.
200 yards and two scores later A.B. pulled the Pots to our 12th victory.

On another note check out the stats and highlights of the Panther run game. I think they had over three hundred yards rushing and four rushing TD's. That's insane. And take it from a retired Madden guru that's hard to do even on Playstation. I mean the Bucs were supposed to have one of the better run D's in the league. In case you're wondering check out the schedule to see who they play on week 16 which is our championship week.

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas.

Go Pots


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