Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One Down, One To Go.

THAT WAS CLOSE. The Pots eeeked and I do mean eeked out a crucial playoff win yesterday.

I made some bad calls (including picking up and starting Devin Hester and not following my gut on John Kasey) Thankfully the Lions are intent on redefining the word 'aweful'. D. Rhodes picked up over 80 yards and two scores and that was just enough to give me a four point lead going into Monday night.

Having played my hand I had to wait until my opponents last player, L.J. Smith did his thing on national t.v. Once in a great while L.J. plays like an elite TE grabs a bunch of balls and a score. But for the most part he stays quietly out of the way of the big boys and lets the grown-ups play the game. That's the L.J. I needed last night. Funny thing is I was talking to brother Bishop earlier that day and told him I needed the typical L.J. performance of 1 catch and 12 yards. So while brother Polycarp was exalting in a Birds victory I was on pins and needles hoping against hope that L.J. wouldn't suddenly morph into Super TE.

And boy did my man deliver. D Mac connected on 26 passes for 290 yards with L.J. collecting a grand total of 1 for 13 yards and most importantly no score thus preserving our slim 4 point victory.

So the Pots are in the championship, but more on that later.

Go Pots

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