Friday, January 25, 2008

The Saints of CLF

My wife was right. As usual I drove myself through the holidays, took no real time off and once more paid for it in January. First of all, praise the Lord that there is a lot going on at CLF. Our activities (who would have thought so much for a small church) have kept me going as we continue to lay the foundation for a church that hopes to grow strong in our knowledge, delight and love for our Lord and strong in sustained outreach to our community. All of this and more kept me going pretty much non-stop until last Friday when my body cashed in on the year long I.O.U. I had given it. By this time last week I was down and out for the count.

It couldn’t have come at worse time. I had been gearing up for another fun-filled weekend of teaching, worship, fellowship and outreach. We had scheduled a couples fellowship for Sat. evening, I was in the middle of a series of messages for the new year and had begun a special Sunday school class on spiritual health that I intended to wrap up on that Sunday. Along with that we had our regular bi-weekly leadership training (which of course was to be followed by a viewing of the Pack vs. the Gmen.) The MLK Day of Service was to be a fitting cap to the weekend as the building we use was a registered site and we were expecting a few dozen volunteers whom we would work with and serve lunch to.

And yet there I was, confined to my room, getting no sleep and wondering (when I was somewhat coherent) how I could have chills and still sweat enough to soak through a couple of undershirts. But while I was down and out the Lord was working through the people of God. My wife remained with me to care for, comfort and console me. And the saints of God continued with the work of ministry. One of our good young brothers took over and preached the word of God, and one of our newer brothers (who coordinated the day of service for the local rec center) led our efforts on the MLK day of service. A couple of our faithful sisters thoroughly cleaned my office (I didn’t even know the carpet was green) and the saints called, prayed, dropped by and reaffirmed their love for me and my family. Through this short, light sickness the Lord reminded me of how grateful I should be for those I’m privileged to serve as pastor. They truly are my joy and I praise Him for their love for me, our Lord and His kingdom. Lord willing I’ll recall some of the lessons of this past week and learn to slow down, eat better and learn to say no. But if I don’t and the Lord suffers to put me on my back again for a week or so I can at least rest knowing that He will continue to work through His people for His glory and the praise of His glorious grace in Jesus Christ.

To Him Who Loves Us…
Pastor Lance


Frank C. said...

Glad your feeling better Pastor Lance. Next time...listen to the woman! I didn't and was out for the count for two weeks as well. I theorize they must have some kind of voodoo... ;)

Lionel Woods said...

Outsource Pastor Lewis, outsource. You see what them brothers had to do in Acts 7!

FellowElder said...

I praise the Lord you're up and about, brother. Not sure we can afford to have you down and out. Praying you work wisely and fruitfully in His strength.