Friday, May 23, 2008

Pulling Teeth

Hey fam,

Now I remember why I hated visiting the dentist as a child. Anyway having had a few teeth removed this past week I’ve been laying low while on the mend. Lord willing I’ll pick up next week and finish up the series before going to the PCA’s general assembly in June.

Meanwhile here are a few pieces worth checking out for our mutual edification.

Brother Duncan has been reading and then writing about A.W. Tozer.

Lionel Woods had some timely and insightful posts concerning a young black reformed man’s dilemma.

Anthony Carter is taking us on a trip to Glory Road and listing some of the significant books and preachers who influenced some of the contributors to this upcoming book.

Finally, brother Scotty Williams tells us why it’s time to put Black Liberation Theology on the scrap heap.

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