Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Shawn Andrews

I’m sure at least one of two of you follow the NFL. Is so you may have heard that the two time Pro Bowl right guard of the Philadelphia Eagles recently disclosed that he had not reported to camp due to struggles with ongoing depression. For those who do follow such things please keep Shawn Andrews in your prayers. In my view it took a lot of courage to publicly admit what is in essence a very private issue. Mr. Andrews has played in Philly long enough to know that Eagle fans can be most unforgiving and merciless. That said most folks have been supportive of him and genuinely hope that he’s able to fight this battle successfully.

Another reason I applaud Mr. Andrews for going public is that it helps remind me as well as others that he is a real person with real issues and not just a football player. His worth as a human being can’t be measured just by what he does on a football field. There are times when our society can de-humanize athletes and treat them as if there their only value lies in providing our entertainment. Hopefully Mr. Andrews’ struggle with depression will help us to re-evaluate that view and help us to see that there is much more to all of these men than just a uniform and a game.



Flavel's friend said...


did you get my email response and phone message?
would like to follow up our conversation. praying for you

~Blake (from Canada).

Lionel Woods said...

Hey Brother Lance,

We also do this in politics (look at the right's reaction to Obama and many black Christians reaction to the Bush administration), entertainers and other such prominent figures. We act like they should be immune to harsh, ugly and condescending words, things that shouldn't even be spoken by those who mention Jesus as Lord!

Pastor Lance said...

what's up brother Blake,

I dropped you a couple of lines from my aol account. let me know if you didn't get them and I'll send from a another email.

You're right brother LW. We certainly tend to de-humanize folks for all sorts of reasons and it's true that such things shouldn't even be mentioned among the saints.