Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Kings Clip Air Force One

Go Steve Go! Let by Slippery Steve Slaton the CrockPot Kings posted our 5th straight victory. Steve rushed for over 90 yards and hit pay dirt twice racking up the most points for the Pots. And we needed it because for the most part everybody else bombed. Everybody that is except for my man Michael ‘yeah I can burn on the road too’ Turner. I stayed with my gut and played the new dirty bird who rewarded me with over a hundred and twenty yards and one score. Staying with names that begin with 'M', Matt 'nothing but the bottom of the crossbar' Prater blasted another 50+ yarder. If you're in a league and he's available get him. Get him now.

Now onto next week and we have problems. Our receiver corps totaled 7 points. That’s not 7 points for one guy, that’s seven with all three combined. Santonio is on a bye this week, but I do get Jericho C back at home against Cincy. I don’t know what’s going on in Detroit but hopefully they get it fixed and get Megatron the ball. I also decided to pick up Bernard Berrian since he is the Vikes #1 wideout and gets to face the toothless lions at home.
I’d consider a trade for top flight flanker but all of them seem so up and down this year. So for now I’ll stay pat and hope for the best. See you Friday.

Go Pots


Aaron said...

Way to not take my advice and start Lynch. This is why your 5-0 because you don't take advice from folks like me.

I started Slaton as well but I still lost because my QB was horrible!

Pastor Lance said...

what's up my brother!

don't worry bout that, it seems alot of folks started the lynchpin of the bills offense.

the real story is how Chris Johnson got almost 20 carries against Baltimore and lived to tell about it. I don't know what's up with Lendale White but following the bye 'Flash' has KC, Indy (at home) and Green Bay.
looks like Mr. Lynch may spend a little more time riding the pine