Monday, May 07, 2007

Welcome to Blaque

Riddle me this Batman? What does everyone have, is in constant use, yet rarely if ever acknowledged? Stumped yet? I’ll give you a hint: It begins with a T end with a Y and is often the cause of endless discussion, debate and distress.

Theology. That troublesome eight letter word. More and more we hear that theology is of little value, relevance and importance. Yet despite vehement denials have not having, not seeing and not recalling our theology everyone you know has and employs one. There is something we believe about Scripture (or how God communicates) God, mankind, sin, salvation, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the church, etc. These beliefs while not said affect how we think, live and relate to God here and now. The issue isn’t whether or not you have a theology, but if you have one that is biblically derived, biblically driven, God honoring and Christ-centered.

I’m sure you can tell by the title of this blog that I hold to that nettlesome and many say outdated theology commonly defined as Reformed, Covenantal or Calvinistic. I embraced biblical theology not in seminary or through listening to those who promoted it, but by God’s grace through my own study of Scripture. Upon adopting biblical theology I was finally able to get off the gospel roller coaster. Thank God I no longer lived and related to God by what I felt. Though I’m still growing and have a long way to go (as my wife will testify to) I praise God that I can grow knowing that my eternal soul isn’t in the balance. Trust me, not knowing where one stands with the Holy One of the universe who describes Himself as a consuming fire is not a comfortable feeling.

Reformed theology is biblical theology, God glorifying theology, Christ exalting theology, beautiful theology and life-saving theology. The purpose of is to reflect on how that theology impacts our lives and culture with a special emphasis on African-Americans.

So stay tuned, drop back often and join the discussion.

To Him Who Loves Us..
Pastor Lance


Jim Pemberton said...

God bless you, Pastor Lance, and welcome to the "blogosphere".

Jenn said...

Welcome to the blogosphere :)

Christ alone,