Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Plane ticket on Southwest Airlines to Chicago: $140.00.
Two night stay at local hotel via Priceline: $120.00
Two day full size car rental via Priceline: $68.00.
Cost to attend annual New Life of Vernon Hills Bible conference: 0.00 (that’s right it’s free)

Hearing challenging and encouraging messages by Thabiti Anybwile, Anthony Carter and Louis Love Jr. on godliness in the home, church, culture etc., delighting in uplifting worship through singing led by brother Wyeth Duncan (we sang “In Christ Alone” and “Hold On To God‘s Unchanging Hands"), enjoying the warm hospitality of the New Life of Vernon Hills church family, hanging out with the fam at Denny’s while talking about impacting the black church and community with reformed theology and sharing an afternoon with my son in downtown Chitown… Priceless, absolutely priceless.

Pastor Lance


LouLove said...

Brother Lance:
It was sure good to finally meet you in person. Thanks so much for coming, for participating, and for your encouragment. I trust your heart and life was challenged like mine by the exhortations of Brother T. and Brother Carter.

By the way, here is what Steve from from Reformation Heritage Books said regarding the preaching:

"I too had a wonderful time at the conference. The preaching and fellowship was top notch. I have been to many conferences and the preaching that I heard Friday and Saturday ranks right up there or even exceeds that of some of the national Reformed conferences around."

I mention that Lance to encourage you further in the work and vision of the CRC. Before I even knew who Steve was or even Reformation Heritage Books, I was already geeked about the Reformed Brothers, I had met (Carter, Burns, etc.) You have assembled a group of men who are indeed capable, now may we be eager and ready to get to the business of impacting the right now Black Church before it becomes the "post Black Church" with the truths of Reformed Theology.

The People of New Life are estatic about the work of the Council for Reforming Churches also. The information you gave us regarding CRC was on point.

Well, Brother, hope to see ya in Miami in November if not sooner

Pastor Lance said...

my dear brother Louis,

my time with you and the saints of New Life VH was da bomb. I can't wait till next year and have already marked off my calender for the third week of June. Lord willing my wife as well as a few folks from clf will join me.

thanks again for your hospitality, vision and of course the rich teaching of the word of God.