Saturday, June 02, 2007

Worth The Wait?

Okay. We're not really that good. True the birds have been one of the best NFC franchises over the last decade, which is kind of saying that Phil Mickelson has been one of the best golfers the past ten years. But 60,000 folks waiting to get season tix? A possible wait of 4000 years (if season tix are doled out at the rate they were given last year). And this for a team with a quarterback returning from a major injury, no headline wideout, a suspect defense and lack of serious running game. But what can you say. Philly is a football town. It gets that way when your baseball team loses THIRTEEN TO NOTHING at home.

So sit tight Eagle fans. Who knows the Birds might even snatch a championship in the next millennia or two. Then you can say ‘yeah I may not be up to 5691 but at least I’m waiting for tickets to a champion’.

Pastor Lance

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christian said...

As a Packer fan, it sounds like we have much in common. People waiting for Pack season tix have been known to will their spot in line when they pass. Anyway, it will be interesting to see who's quarterback has the better or less-worse season. GO PACK GO!