Tuesday, September 04, 2007

2007 Miami Pastor's Conference

September here and you know what that means. Okay yes it's football season but I'm not talking about that. Yes, yes it's also back to school season but I'm not thinking of that either. Alright true enough September begins the annual church season but I didn't have that in mind either.

September means that conference season has begun! (although it seems to be a year round phenomena these days)

Anyway allow me to enlighten, invite, encourage and even pester you to consider attending the Miami Pastor's Conference. This event which is hosted by Rev. Ricky Armstrong at the Glendale Baptist Church is one of the best conferences I've had the privilege to attend. You not only get to spend some time in Miami in November, but you also get to hear solid, vibrant preaching on the things of the gospel, enjoy rich fellowship with other reformed brothers and sisters, be blessed by the awesome hospitality of the saints of Glendale and throw down on some of the serious food which is included with the price of registration. The conference dates are November 8th through the 10th. Mix master Mike Horton will be joining the usual (and suberb) suspects Anthony Carter, Ken Jones, Michael Leach and Ricky Armstrong to bring it sound and strong. So what are you waiting for? The theme. Oh yes forgot about that.

The theme for this year's conference is “What Is The Gospel?”
Which in light of recent web discussions is an excellent and timely theme. Based on some of the things I've been hearing I wonder if we in the black reformed community believe that there is one God who has committed us to proclaiming one gospel that leads to one salvation through His one Son and thus brings us into fellowship with one believing community made up of many ethnicities or if there are merely aspects of the gospel that we must take and apply to the felt needs and issues of 21st century black people? While you're chewing on that let me whet your appetite with the pre-conference workshop entitled 'African-Americans: Making The Case For Reformed Theology' led by A. Carter, K. Jones, M. Leach and R. Armstrong.

So get registered, start checking for flights and meet me in Miami!


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