Friday, September 28, 2007

Hot Spot Alert

Over at Truth in the Innermost our good brother Quincy A. Jones (aka Q-D.O.G. of ChristCentric) is posting a helpful and on target series on the church’s greatest need. Here’s a sample

“The Lords' primary concern are those who are "doing the will of God" which translates into being submissive to His Law (Word) and hearing Christ's Words and doing them. We all know that we live out what we truly believe – thus the mind/heart shaped by the Word of God is of chief importance.

What is it that shapes our beliefs/convictions? – Doctrine!

How do we receive doctrine?? – Preaching/teaching!!

So, consequently preaching/teaching of doctrine (however and from wherever we receive it) is going to shape my Christian life in the most profound way. And according to the premium Christ puts on living out His Word – thus – the preaching/teaching that I receive will even shape my eternal destiny! If what I posit is true (and I challenge anyone to refute it) – the issue of preaching in the Church is of dire consequence.”

As the black church continues its downward spiral into an abyss of false and destructive doctrine I commend brother Q as one of those young reformed brothers who is worth listening to.

To Him Who Loves Us…
Pastor Lance

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Anonymous said...

appreciate the encouraging word Pastor Lance. It's good to know someone is reading! :-)

Bless you brother - keep up the good work.