Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Culture Clash

Can we be both black and reformed? Is there such a thing as an authentically black reformed church? What changes if any should black churches expect to make if they intend to embrace the truths of the reformation? Is reformed theology and practice so inherently white that it cannot be authentically transported and embraced by other cultures? The brothers of The Council of Reforming Churches have begun a series of posts to address these issues. Be sure to check them out and join the discussion.

Update: Rev. Kevin Smith who pastors the Watson Memorial Baptist Church and teaches at Southern Baptist Theological Center and Rev. Thabiti Anyabwile who pastors First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman have dropped some knowledge on the Culture Clash subject.

To Him Who Loves Us...
Pastor Lance

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Lionel Woods said...

Hey Pastor Lance,

What happen to the sermons Sir? I had them linked to my site and went there today and they were gone. Check out the website.