Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hot Spot Check

Here are a couple of new blogspots worth your while. Brothers Lionel and Tyris have launched Black and Reformed Ministries. They have good blogs and great sermon feeds from several good brothers. I like the fact that they're consciously highlighting good reformed churches and giving folks a place to hear solid biblical preaching. Bookmark this site as you'll be going back frequently.

The other blog is the work of the Ebony Puritan and focuses on the themes brought up during the last Miami Pastor's Conference. I've linked both to this page but you'll want to bookmark them yourself.

Finally, praise God for what He's doing in our community. Please pray for these brothers and others like them such as our own Q-D.O.G. at Truth in the Innermost that the Lord will continue to move through them to press the reformation into our churches and communities.

To Him Who Loves Us...
Pastor Lance

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