Tuesday, March 04, 2008

An Unrivaled Savior

So who are evangelicals looking to put their hopes in? Are they awaiting the second coming of JFK and the mythical Camelot? Someone who though he may have vague ideas gives them hope that we can be more than we are? Or are evangelicals pinning their hopes on the second advent of Ronald Reagan? A man who can take up the Gipper’s mantle and return pride and greatness to the nation?

How about neither. That doesn’t mean we won’t vote (though some of us might not). It’s just that the very act of voting for a man or woman reminds us of the flaws and fallibilities of even the best leaders. Consequently though we might support one candidate over another we never promote them as the answer to all of our problems, challenges and issues. And we never, ever tell others that any particular candidate is the key to the peace, prosperity, security and well-being we desire.

When the society looks to us for thoughts, reflections, answers or suggestions regarding who people should put their hope in we show them Jesus.
For us remembering the supremacy of Jesus brings us back to the reality that this world is ultimately not our home and therefore we’re not bound to pursue the overall political, economic and military hegemony of the United States or any other country. Recalling that we have an supreme, sovereign, unrivaled Savior, Shepherd, Lord and King anchors us to the reality that the eternal kingdom of the Lord of glory will press on whether or not America is the strongest or weakest country on earth.

Regardless of our political differences the people of God
who’ve been exiled to America recognize that the more people place their hope in candidates who promise change, prosperity, stability, experience, strength, values and yes hope the more they’ll be disappointed. So we offer Jesus. Why? Because Jesus is still the main point, theme, subject, and substance of history, life, salvation and your story. We offer Jesus because He and He alone is the answer to all of our real and root problems, challenges, issues, stress, distress, pain and longing. Jesus and Jesus alone is the one who brings sense, shape, meaning, satisfaction, security, stability, change and hope to our lives now and forever.

Is Jesus the answer to all of our worldly problems, cares and concerns? Will faith in Him give us immediate relief from pain, debt, physical illness and relational strife? Are we offering people a magic key to their best life now? No, not at all. In fact for some belief in Christ might worsen their circumstances. People who believe in Jesus struggle with unemployment, too much debt, physical illness, hard-headed children and parents who just don’t understand. Many of us live with lingering grief, sorrow, loss and disappointment. So then why offer people Jesus if He hasn’t even solved the real felt needs of our own lives? Because Jesus has solved the one unfelt need that would follow us through our graves and into eternity. In doing so Jesus has brought us into His eternal kingdom, secured our place before the living God and freed us from joining the rat race in a futile attempt to enjoy the best quality of life here and now. Now we live to bring glory to our Savior and do that partly by investing ourselves in our neighborhoods, communities, cities and world to address the very issues that are important to everyone else.

So go on and cast your vote for the candidate of your choice, but remember to put your hope in the savior God chose for us, Jesus Christ.

To Him Who Loves You…
Pastor Lance