Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Back To Life... Back To Reality

Hey all,

We're back. This time for good. I think. June was a busy month which included my cpu going down, our home internet going down, going to the PCA GA and finally returning from vacation last week. Speaking of vacation me and Sharon had a wonderful time at the Harvey Cedars Bible Conference and Retreat Center. We spent a week there with the saints and among the highlights were fitness walking with my wife, afternoon naps, playing Phase 10 with the saints and hearing from our brother Carl Trueman who did a spectacular job of relating the writings of some of the saints of old to the times in which they lived and then explaining their relevance for our lives and times. Carl also preached a timely message on what the gospel says about the character and nature of God for our Sunday morning worship. For families looking for an inexpensive yet fun-filled and spiritually enriching vacation Harvey Cedars is worth checking out.

From here on I'll be doing some catch up work. This weekend I'm speaking at a friends conference (more on that next post) and then hopefully will get back in stride.

Rested (somewhat)
pastor lance


FellowElder said...

Glad you're rested (somewhat) and back, my friend. So... you're a Phase 10 fan. We need to break out the deck next time we're together! One of my favorite games, bro.

Pastor Lance said...

yo Big Dog, you rock with the Phaseness? Looks like I'll be doing something other than enjoying a good word down in Jiggytown in Nov. I'll be sure and bring a deck or two.