Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kings Close Curtain on Falcons

I almost forgot. (you have to admit there’s a lot going on these days)

Anyhow remember how I said we needed to score points in bunches to win against my son’s team that featured Kurt Warner and All Day A.P. 

Well here’s the deal. With Daring Drew on a much deserved bye week I started Matt Schaub who had been on fire lately. All Mild Mannered Matt had to do was keep pace with Kurt Warner by throwing for about 250 yds and two TD’s. Doing that would be enough for me to keep up with a team that along with Kurt featured All Day A.P., Reggie Wayne, Santana Moss and top five TE Chris Cooley. 
And then it happened. Matt started badly with one INT and two lost fumbles before leaving the game with an injury. Instead of about 20 or so points Matt put up a grand total of 1. 
Things weren’t looking good for the Pots. We went into Sunday night losing by two points and still having to face Reggie Wayne (Sun nite), Santana Moss, Hines Ward, Chris Cooley and the Skins kicker (Mon nite). All we had was the Pittsburgh D. 

And that was all we needed. Pittsburgh resurrected the legend of the Steel Curtain, (if you’re not familiar with that it’s just a darn shame) shut down a good, disciplined Redskin offense and delivered 20 points to the Pots. 

We’re 9 and 0 and have another tough match up this week. Based on performance Chris ‘Flash’ Johnson is now our #2 back with Michael Turner my # 1. I’m even leaning toward starting Flash against Chitown this Sunday. 

Go Pots


Anonymous said...

I like Turner at home against the 'Aints Defense. The Aints are 18th against the run, while DABEARS are 6th.

I'm predicting the Titans fall this week.

Polycarp :)

Pastor Lance said...

what's up brother Polycarp:)

true dat, but Lynch has been more mush than Smash as of late. and i just don't know how he'll do against the Pats linebackers in new england.

unfortunately Steve Slaton faces the Ravens D this week so for now Flash it is:)


Anonymous said...

that is true Pastah....Lynch has disappeared...Slaton is going to be grateful for every yard he gets

Polycarp :)