Friday, November 14, 2008

Pots Post First Loss

What's happnen ya'll? I spent the week at our denomination's church planter assessment so I'm a bit behind. 

Well, all good things must come to an end and thus the CPKings are no longer undefeated. We dropped our first game last week when our receivers accounted for a grand total of 1 point. But the bigger news is the casting of the lots (can a reformed dude say roll of the dice?) late season trade we pulled off. Yeah it may come back to bite me but what's fantasy football without at least one risky trade. 

Here's how it went down. I offered Jericho C, Marshawn Lynch and Steve Slaton for the one and only L.T. The owner rejected that but countered with Derrick Mason (whose the # 1 receiving option on the Ravens) and L.T. for (gulp) Michael Turner and Megatron. My head said 'Lance, this is a bad idea', but my gut said 'go for it, I mean he is still L.T.' So I went for it and promptly lost my first game. L.T. couldn't get it going against the Chef's and Mason got hurt. 

But that's water under the bridge or dam or whatever. Here's the deal for this week. I still have Daring Drew. Jericho C already gave me a decent game and I picked up Owen Daniels from the waiver wire. I also have Steve Breaston with hopes he'll continue to get huge chunks of yards in Arizona's Wild, Wild, West offense. I'm going to start Santonio (getting real, real, real close to bust) Holmes based on his matchup against a leaky Bolts D. And though I might even lose the week on this one I'm starting Smash (about to walk off the cliff bust) Lynch in place of Flash Johnson. Basically I'm giving two cats I drafted with big expectations a chance to redeem themselves. Blow it and in the immortal words of Colonel Klink they will be 'court martialed, shot and sent to the Russian front!'

Why start L.T. against one of the best run D's in the league playing at home? Don't know, just got a hunch. 

I'll hit you back Monday to let you know what went down. 

Go Pots

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polycarp said...

I like the lineup btw (although Turner was tough to give up). LT will probably have strong second half like he did last year( especially given he will face the chiefs, denver, and the raiders again - That must be like buffet to him). The Fantansy "expert" at Espn (M. Berry) also liked Lynch this week. Although he had some resverations too.

next year, I will join. I'm starting to accept the concept of fantasy football...can wait to hear the details of the trip..