Thursday, October 18, 2007

Batter Up! - Miami Pastor's Conference

In the spirit of the upcoming Fall Classic (yes the one the Phightens won’t be in) allow me to give the scheduled lineup for the up and coming Fall Classic.
Batting leadoff and setting the table is our pre-conference workshop ‘African-Americans Making The Case For Reformed Theology’, batting second (and with some pop in the bat) is The Gospel and the Creation of Man, third up (and definitely going for the power alleys) is The Gospel and The Fall of Man.

Hitting clean-up (and clearing the bases and any doubt as to what the gospel is) is The Gospel: What It Is, keeping the pressure on and the power up is our fifth hitter The Gospel and Divine Foreknowledge. Coming off the bench to hit sixth and deliver a clutch pinch hit are workshop sessions on How Romans 1:16-17 Impacts Our Preaching of the Gospel, The Ordo Salutis, Limited Atonement and The Perseverance of the Saints.
Following the seventh inning stretch The Person and Work of Christ will continue our lumber parade followed by The Comfort of The Gospel. Batting ninth in what is sure to be a bat around inning is The Law Gospel Dynamic.

So as T.O. said, bring the popcorn, and get ready for the fireworks.

On Deck


Lionel Woods said...

Don't sale any books! LOL. I pray things go well.

Michael Ochoa said...

Pastor lewis,

I am really excited for you and everyone attending. I wish I could be there for this confrence.

I live in California, East Bay Area. I download mp3's Pastor Andrews, Pastor Thabiti's and your sermons weekly. I really enjoy them.

Will you be offering mp3 downloads of the confrence? Will you be offering a link or list of books available or recommended at the confrence?

Pastor Lance said...

yo brother Michael,

I see you've also tapped into the double A Special (Andrews and Anyabwile) those are real good brothers who encourage me also.

I don't know if they will offer mp3 downloads of the conference but your question has prompted me to ask. if so I'll be sure to post it so all will know.

re: books from what i can recall publishers usually make their books available at a good discount at conferences like this. there's also a wide variety of classic and new works worth getting. I don't know if a link or list will be available but I'm pretty sure that both signed and unsigned books will go for the same cost (isn't that right brother lionel:)