Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Two For The Money

And then there were two! Praise the Lord saints we have two good brothers who desire to join us at this years Miami Pastor’s Conference. Both wrote encouraging testimonies concerning their desire to see biblical theology impact the African-American church and community. While the offer was made to two individuals or one couple I’ve decided to sponsor both brothers and their wives. I was encouraged to know that both realize the importance of their wives in their pursuit of God and the ministry. I also believe their wives will benefit greatly from meeting many of the sisters of Glendale Baptist Church.

Let me also thank those who offered to help me in this venture. I was pleasantly surprised and blessed by your generosity. Please pray for these two couples as they still must get there since my offer can only cover registration and lodging. Also pray that the Lord would provide them along with the rest of us an enriching time of worship, teaching and fellowship. Finally (for now) pray that the Lord will continue to use this conference to bring true and needed reformation to the black church and community.

For Christ, His Church and the Truth
Pastor Lance


ajcarter said...

Amen!!! I can't wait to meet them. I Thank God for your heart for Christ, the Church, and the Truth.

Croooz said...

Thanks Lance. Not sure about the "good" part. I've been called quite a few four letter words but "good" is a new one for me. ;)

Looking into buying the tickets this week. Keep us in prayer.

Thanks again!