Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Few Good Men

A few of the brothers of CLF got together for a picture Sunday after church. And why did we feel a need to show our smiling faces on a sunny Sunday afternoon? The pic is for a banner to be put up at our local neighborhood recreation center. A couple of months ago one of our members approached them to ask if we could use their field to begin a flag football league. Since they already had a league however we gladly accepted their invitation to work along with them in it. But they weren’t finished. As with most of the recreation centers in Philly there’s a lot of need but few resources. They’ve asked us to participate as much as we want and even put our church name and logo on the back of the t-shirts for the flag football.
This is a great blessing for our fellowship and we ask your prayers for God’s power and wisdom to continue engaging our community with the gospel. This particular rec center regularly serves hundreds of children and their parents. We’re already planning to serve and host their annual flag football league banquet and are looking into other ways we can serve them consistently.

And what will the banner read: Glad you asked. The brother from the rec center who suggested it would like it to read as follows:

Christ Liberation Fellowship
Loves Papa's Sports Programs and
Supports both Spiritual and Physical Growth

To Him Who Loves Us…
Pastor Lance

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