Monday, October 29, 2007

Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married

Tyler Perry’s ‘Why Did I Get Married’ appears to be somewhat of a departure from his earlier movies. All in all it was a pretty good effort. The story centers around four couples and their struggles to make their marriages work. A few of the scenes are compelling and it moves along pretty well. One of the surprising things about the movie was its lack of preachiness. For those who aren’t familiar with Tyler Perry he gained fame within the black church community with a series of plays with overtly Christian themes in which he portrayed "Madea" the family matriarch and voice of conscience.

Like his other movies ‘Why Did I Get Married’ is based on one of his plays. The title comes from a book authored by one of the characters played by Janet Jackson. Back to the lack of preachiness. Though Mr. Perry is a Christian it didn’t appear to me that he wanted to use the movie to promote the message of the gospel. The film does however convey a strong pro-marriage theme. This isn’t what I’d call a masterpiece and you can probably leave the Kleenex at home. It does have some funny moments and isn’t a bad flick for a night out.

Pastor Lance


GUNNY said...

I've absolutely loved the Madea trilogy that I've seen and wondered what this one would be like.

Thanks for the overview.

Lionel Woods said...

For some reason, I can't get with this dude Pastor Lance, maybe it is his lack of reverence for a Holy God or constant emotional psuedo-gospel that is in every movie, but there is something about his message, that user friendly. It is always an emotional event (abuse, rape, divorce, or infidelity) that leads people to God, someone walks up to the alter and everything is cool. Maybe I am looking for something that I shouldn't; however, the Christianity that he offers is one of fun and games or a Christ that looks more like a cosmic Santa Claus than a Christ who was crushed and raised anew so that we can be reconciled to a holy God. My opinion though.

Pastor Lance said...

no problem brother Gunny.

lionel, you're absolutely right. I should have put a disclaimer warning people against the salvation message seen and portrayed in his plays and some movies.
sadly this is the salvation that is now commonly believed and accepted by many in the church.

that's why I'm glad that this movie wasn't preachy