Friday, September 26, 2008

Fantasy Football Friday

One of the fun things about playing fantasy football is the freedom of taking a chance knowing that it's only a game and (at least the way we play) no money is involved. There's also the thrill of seeing a long TD pass and then waiting to see if it's your first string receiver who nabbed it or some third string cat you've never heard of.

Which brings us to the first bye week of the season. For the most part the Kings intact. Drew Brees will start at QB with Michael Turner and Marshawn Lynch driving the ground game. I decided to drop the TB D and pick up the Jags especially since they have an enticing matchup against the flailing Texans this week. I also decided to replace my kicker with the kid from Denver whose showing some serious potential.

And now for the hard part. I went into this season with a what I thought would be a fairly strong receiving corps. Calvin Johnson led the way with Santonio Holmes and Jericho Cotchery. While none of these occupied the top tier of receivers with the likes of Moss, Owens and Wayne I thought they'd provide the good consistent production needed to put and keep the Kings on top. I also had Nate Burleson as a solid backup. We ended up at TE with Greg Olson who I thought might be a cool sleeper candidate only to have him become a big bust to this point. And apart from a beast like game by Johnson in week 2 my receivers have been just okay if less so. And now Burleson is out for the year and I need some help. I'm starting Cotchery as he may be finally developing some rapport with Brett Farve. I've also picked up two short term newcomers. Robert Meachem was supposed to be the next big thing in the Big Easy. He's got the size and potential to be a big time threat in an offense that will throw early and often. He's in for this week.

And now for the hard part which is where I need your help.

For now I've decided to bench Santonio Holmes and start Antonio Bryant of TB. Holmes hasn't done much so far and faces a Ravens D that's similar to the Birds. Why Antonio instead of Santonio? I think he can have a good enough game against a banged up Packers D that allowed Miles Austin to get deep on them. But what would you do? Stick with Santonio or drop the S and go out on a limb with Antonio?

Go Pots


Aaron said...

Pastor Lance,
I would definitely go with Bryant... i am in the same dilema right now with Holmes and Bryant.

All though it is going to be tough for Pitt to run the ball against Ravens D (Willie Parker out this week also) and the Steelers are probably going to be forced to pass.

The ravens D is nice but they havent played anybody. They beat the browns and the bengals. Two of the worst teams in the league.

All this to say I would play Holmes and Bryant and bench Meachem. I think he has 1 catch right? Lance Mooore, Devrey Henderson, and Patten are ahead of him right now and plus Bush is gettin all the receptions (had 11 last week!).

Just my opinion homie!

Lionel Woods said...

Brother I hope you played Farve! Please tell me you played Brett the Great!