Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kings Keep Rollin'

The Kings rode strong performances by Wild Buffalo Marshawn Lynch and Michael 'the Burner' Turner to our third straight victory. And now we've got some decisions to make. Our starting QB 'Daring' Drew Brees just lost Jeremy Shockey in addition to Marques Colston. And though I almost stepped out on a limb and started J.T. O'Sullivan in his place this past week I'm still willing to stick with the daring one at Frisco this week. My other backup is Brett 'I'll throw it to anybody, at anytime and anywhere' Farve. We don't have cable so I didn't see the Monday night game but from what I've read Brett looked bad. I'm thinking of dropping the mythical #4 and keeping Sully in his place.

Sunday begins the season's bye weeks which means it's time to surf the waiver wire for intriguing pickups for Sunday's game. So far I've decided to go with Josh 'who dat' Reed and Robert 'kings kid' Royal. Both play for the Bills which means both will get to start against St. Louis. And right now it doesn't look like the Rams could stop our community flag football team. Reed replaces Calvin Johnson who gets the day off and Royal (talk about a name fit for the CPKings) replaces my TE whose also on a bye week. For now I'm still sticking with Santonio Holmes but getting nervous. Well that's it for now dudes and dudettes. I'll hit you back Friday with the final lineup.

Go Pots

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