Thursday, September 18, 2008

Then Some

We had another great night at our weekly bible study. One of the blessings of a small church is that we can fit about a third of us in one house and have a blast with a good meal (yesterday was salad bar night) good singing (how many of you remember  ’I’m running for my life’) and a good study. I’m always really encouraged by how the brothers lead the study by having us break into groups, borrow into the text and then lift insightful and enriching truths that move us to worship our Lord and witness of His gospel. The fact that I get to sit and just participate is icing on the cake (well almost but more on that later). I love just listening and hearing how the saints work through a text and see God’s character and nature revealed in His word. I’m also edified by their comments. 

The groups end in prayer and it’s especially precious to hear many of the teens and even children pray for their families, their own growth in the Lord and their neighborhoods. 

And now for the icing on the cake. It seems that more often than not we get to celebrate someone’s birthday with a sheet cake from a local bakery  along with the requisite ice cream. 

A good meal, wonderful fellowship, encouraging study, precious prayer and real icing on the cake. Priceless. 


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